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Is There Room for Another Quilter?

Do I look like a quilter? Am I doing it right, or is it half-assed and I don't even know it? Is there room in this industry for me to contribute something meaningful, or will I stay in this lane and continue with it as a personal hobby?

It's the same thing I grapple with daily:
Will the checkout clerk be interested enough in me to chat like she did with the person before me, or will they barely look and say anything? 

With all the quiet time I spend quilting, I'm coming to the conclusion that it's all on me. It's time to live with more intention and initiative, and find the courage to project what I desire to be reflected back. This is new for me, so it will be a journey full of mistakes. What I cannot accept is sitting back and wondering if I am allowed to take up space. This is the space, and here I am.